• Security personnel’s will carry out the duties assigned to them, as per your instruction within security parameters only.Checking of all incoming and outgoing goods and vehiclesPersonal and physical search of employees/visitor (optional).
  • Monitoring/ controlling movement of visitors /workers.
  • Confidential reporting to thwe management regarding activities prejudicial to its interest on weekly and monthly basis. Every forth night the senior management personnel’s will be held a meeting with company’s /society’s management.
  • Conducting a surprise check to create fear in the mind of miscreants and intruder’s (any work related to security assigned by management in writing. Within the security the framework).
  • Supervision and special checking to carried out by our area/field/ night round officers to checkup the performance and effectiveness of security staff.




Duties and responsibilities

All sort comings and irregularities reported everyday will be taken on the priority basis and prompt action will be initiated to rectify the same. Our control room, mobile rapid action force and all field officers will be in the position to handle one and all situations at any time.

Renewal or termination of contract

For renewal of our services, a letter of renewal is required one month prior to the expiry of our contract, else the contract will automatically stands as continuous for a further period of one calendar year along with 10% enhancement of charges, incase of any queries/ complaints/ grievances the same can be handed to us 7 days prior to the date of termination of contract.

Payment to our personnel

No payments in kinds of cash will be offered to our personnel deployed at your units. We shall be held responsible for any such payment made to our personnel in all manners, without any written instruction from our end.


Personnel’s turnouts

All the personnel deployed at your premises will be in proper uniform. They will be well trained and disciplined with adequate qualification. We do verify their character and antecedents before enrollment from appropriate authorities.

Engagement of employees

You will not employ our personnel directly or indirectly without the written consent from our company, if found so, then the payment compensation to us equivalent to his\her tow months salary inclusive all taxes will be charged.

Note: All legal matters are subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only.